Abhinav Kr


I am Abhinav. It means new, something that never exits before. I have born as a scientist and nurtured as an engineer and became an interaction designer. I am the person who lives by his code. And if you see me through the prism you will see an interesting spectrum of my thoughts and skills.

I am the person who loves to learn new things in a different way. I have always detested our education system which serves science, mathematics and art as medium for earning money and feed us half cooked knowledge. I always try to learn and teach things in nontraditional way. My dad used to say that curiosity kills the cat so he never allowed me do so but I always make my way through the time and space and burned the Schrodinger’s cat. It was a great learning experience for me.

When I sit quietly and stare straight over my head in the dark night, stars inspire me. Those tiny blinking lights in the darkness ask me to question them.

If you really want to know more about me put me under the quantum microscope and you will observe the mysterious and interesting behavior of my cosmos. I have always loved the idea that we all are made up of COSMOS, star dust. And I would like to see how you would help me to shape some of my star dust into something valuable which I can present back to this cosmos.