Abhinava Pratap Singh

I am Abhinava Pratap Singh, also known as AP and Naru by my friends; and Munna in my family circle. Some of my childhood friends from a younger age group also call me Munna Bhaiya (not Munnabhai). Besides, my Bengali relatives (apart from my wife) and Bengali teachers with heavy Bengali accent, call me Obhinobo. Well, I am a married 32 year old living in Namma Bengalooru since 1999. That's over twelve years. Therefore, I have now qualified to call Bangalore as my home, though I was born near Kolkata in Paschimbanga (West Bengal). Since 2009, I have been staying in our own abode on the famous Hosur Road with my loving wife and darling daughter. I am a SAP Process Consultant by profession. I am working as a SAP Practice Manager and Senior Solution Architect at Incture Technologies Ltd., a Bangalore based start-up in SAP centric Technology Consulting. Prior to this, I worked Optimal Solutions India, Bangalore for 5 months, with SAP Labs India Private Ltd in Whitefield, Bangalore for 5 years and with Infosys Technologies Limited in Mysore and Bangalore for slightly over one and half years. My Work Experience At present, I am working at Incture Technologies as a Solution Architect. In my current role, I am creating the ABAP based BPM story for Incture. Towards realizing this, I'm involved in hiring, training and deploying people for SAP centric projects. In short, I am building the ABAP capability for Incture. It has been a challenging and interesting exposure so far. I have enjoyed interacting with a lot of prospective hires, sourcing partners and the Incture team. The seemingly endless strategy discussions with our Founder are the most intersting discussions. These discussions send my memory down to an IIMB class-room. Sometimes, I feel that I'm participating in Class Discussion in one of the lectures; listening ardently before making a point. I worked for SAP Labs India between March 14th, 2005 and April 1st, 2010. April Fool's day is a wonderful day to make important decisions. Either you fool, or get fooled! At SAP, I was leading a team that developed Services and Business Objects for mySAP ERP. We completed enabling all SAP Functionalities as Business Objects which are now accessible via Web Services according to the International Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) standards. Apart from this, I was a member of the team that is responsible for maintaining and developing Project System mySAP PS which in turn, is a sub part of mySAP ERP. Project System, as