Abhinav Jain

Pune, Maharashtra, India

I introduce myself as a professional with an eye for perfection and zest to create out of the box ideas. That's me....... Abhinav Jain....... a successful IT professional , a loving and caring and an extrovert individual.... Music is my passion and my companion for life.... I love being of service to others and can go out of my way to be of help to people who need my help and guidance. I have very few priorities in life and make sure i always stick to them in all circumstances. I am extremely career oriented and treat my workplace as my home. My parents are my inspiration in times of adversity and my refuge in times of lonliness...... I derive all my strenght from them....

Love and respect your parents... they are the only best & beautiful gift of this world :)

  • Work
    • Oringis Technologies
  • Education
    • Master in Computer Science