Abhinav Ratan Mohan

Hello there. I am a freelance Emcee/Host & Social entrepreneur as well as a part-time communication & entrepreneurship skills trainer. I do all of these because I love interacting with people and being a part of sustainable social change.

If asked to pick a few words to describe myself, they would be the following; Passionate, Youthful and Enthusiastic. Following my passions is extremely important to me, it allows me to absolutely love what I do while giving my best efforts. Then of course, youth and enthusiastic go together. While youth to some is a sign of inexperience, my youth is my source of energy and creative vision.

I am proud to be Singaporean & grateful for the opportunity to be brought up in a global powerhouse such as her. As a graduate of Raffles Institution/Raffles Junior College & a soon to be undergraduate at the NUS Faculty of Law I maintain my trust in education and academia. While engaging in projects pertaining to my passions above I believe it is always important for us to continually learn and set strong academic foundations. Hence, I continue to pursuse academics alongside my exploits as a Emcee/Host & Social entrepreneur.

If you would like to find out more about my projects & portfolio do click on my LinkedIn profile below. We can also keep in touch via Twitter, Facebook & Instagram. Meeting people & exploring new collaborations and opportunities is the most enjoyable use of time for me, so let's get in touch!