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(This blog is only for educational purpose, no intend to hurt anyone, no intend of any kind of offense against anything, simply what I feel I share.)

The digital world can't describe the real world. If you want to understand someone or me, then don't study on digital stuff. The internet stuff only gives you the imagination of that person or the perception how the way he/she think, not gives you a real living experience or insight about that person. Be alive and make live friends, stay connect with me live, Instead of spending lots of time on chat I prefer to meet new peoples. The initiative I started because, as of my understanding and observation technology is good for survival, the digital world is an awesome way to connect with each other, but the end of the day it does not give us the real living or joyful experience. We could utilize this thing to make the world better, but still, we need to pay little attention insight. As I said earlier "If you are willing to pay attention, then the beautiful things are willing to happen."
Be happy and stay joyful! being joyful is blessings for others!!

Achieve all the success as you ever wanted, and come to a place where you can share your success with others.

Material wellbeing is part of life but not a real living experience. When I am using word "living experience" doesn't mean you have to go outside and explore the world and live the life as you want, no. It's a really basic part of life.

As I observed the things as they are, inner wellbeing comes first that gives you infinite possibilities to live your life not by gathering information, rather enjoying the living experience within yourself.

Read my blog for more!! hope something is good for you here.-Abhinav Rajput

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