Abhinav Sood

Data Scientist, Consultant, and Software Engineer in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I am an experienced and passionate data science professional with a curious mind and a strong appetite for learning. I enjoy working with data to solve difficult problems with creativity. I have a special interest in machine learning and data mining.

I earned my M.Sc. in Big Data from Simon Fraser University. Presently, I'm gaining valuable experience as a Data Scientist at Scotiabank and solving challenging problems in banking, finance and risk at scale using AI and Machine Learning.

Prior professional experience as a software developer and consultant, along with my education and current data science experience enables me with a unique combination of technical skills and business acumen. I can help you define your business use-cases clearly and devise robust, efficient and scalable solutions using AI and Machine Learning, with a strong focus on intelligence and results that add value to your business.

I am an Oracle Certified PL SQL Developer Associate. I am proficient in SQL and have expertise in working with a variety of relational and non-relational databases. I have strong programming skills with Python, Scala, R and a host of different languages. I have practical experience with tools like Spark, Hive, MapReduce, etc. in the Hadoop ecosystem. I also have strong BI and visualization skills with tools like Tableau.

I can communicate fairly complex concepts in a clear, concise and comprehensive manner even to a non-technical audience. I have strong team skills and the ability to work independently with rigour and efficiency.

If there is a challenging data science or big data opportunity at your company, I would be very interested to explore it with you.

To connect with me, please email me at contact@abhinavsood.com or add me to your professional network using the LinkedIn button below. I look forward to talk to you!

  • Work
    • Scotiabank
  • Education
    • Simon Fraser University