Abhinav Sharma

Ambitious, creative, positive and passionate; these are the few words that describe me. I am Abhinav Sharma and this is about being me. I belong to the North Western part of India, Jaipur, Rajasthan. Yes, the beautiful golden land of India "The Thar Desert". I grew up with the values and culture of my land and with a unique essence of my city for which it is known for, the art of hospitality.The belief of treating every human as equal and looking at the world with no difference, just as one world. That is the true concept of globalization and the world in which we are moving in. The curiosity and zeal made me explore and learn new things. This took me to different cities of my country and now brought me to Canada. I am completing my Bachelors of Computing Science from Thompson Rivers University, Kamloops, British Columbia. This is another beautiful part of the world, so multicultural and diverse. It doesn't allow me to miss my homeland. Last five years of my life had been very enriching and fulfilling. 2 countries, 8 cities, 1800 days and,millions of memories and tons of that I have learnt. Now I am about to graduate and this makes me say; those were the best days of my life. But, better is yet to come. I appreciate past,live in present and look forward for future.I am awaiting a new facet of life ahead, a new journey, a new exploration, a new experience and a new sensation. I like the fast pace of the world, the life, the industry, the technology, everything is moving so fast and amazes me. It has its own rhythm, seems like a masterpiece symphony. That brings me closer to the first thing I fell in love with ever; music. It is one of the integral parts of my life. In my leisure time I love to play Spanish Guitar and compose music as well. Alternatively, I watch movies, read books and try to see world from a different angle. Yes, digital photography is another thing that fascinates me. I feel the beauty is in the moment that just passed. I love to capture it. My attitude towards life and passion for learning makes me better person every day.I relate myself to a global citizen and aspire to give something back to the society where I come from and where I live and where I will be.Lastly I feel good being me and being blessed with what I have with me and my surroundings and thankful to people who have helped me in learning, achieving and believing in my dreams . Dream On! Who knows they might come true.