Dr. Abhi Subedi, CEM, CNM

Small Business Owner, Volunteer, and Evaluation Specialist in the United States

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As a seasoned professional, mentor, adjunct professor, chief editor, and a published author, he constantly focuses on development in the community and encourages entrepreneurship. He is a thought leader and an expert in program management, research, outcome measurement and evaluation. Currently, he is working on a cloud-based platform called CommuInfo, which provides nonprofit organizations with a user-friendly tool to promote their impact and to engage with partners and donors.

Professional Certifications:

Logic Model, Program Evaluation and Outcome Measurement, Nonprofit Management, Legal Aspect of Public Health Food Safety, Economist Measurer, EITC/VITA, Internal Revenue Services.

Company Name: CommuInfo
Company Website: www.CommuInfo.Com
Company Description: CommuInfo is an online, cloud-based platform that provides nonprofit organizations with a user-friendly tool to promote impact, through data visualization and to engage with partners and donors.

The CommuInfo platform allows nonprofit organizations to:

1. Visualize performance results such as programs, impacts and outcomes using logic model framework
2. Increase revenue by allowing nonprofits to accept online donations
3. Promote volunteering and event opportunities
4. Download data related to donation, volunteer and event for further analysis
5. Add organization profile with key leadership information
6. Generate reports for organization page, program page and volunteer/event page
7. Upload documents such as 990s, annual reports and program summaries making them accessible to a wide audience

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