Abhirup Banerjee

Consultant and Photographer in India

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"I live to experience moments in life and create moments for all around me"

I try to lead two lives in this one life - personal and professional. Though both do affect each other for space and time, and leaving me with a difficult choice to make.


I am truly myself when I am with my school friends or out travelling. To describe this Abhirup Banerjee in short is a wanderer lost in this amazing world.

My interests range from photography to technology. In my personal time you will find me involved in one of these activities:

1. Reading - Like any other boy, I am a fan of Spy, action and crime thrillers. My favorite authors include Enid Blyton, Jeffrey Archer, John Grisham, J K Rowling, J R R Tolkien, Paulo Coelho and Amitav Ghosh. Off late I am finding the work of Devdutt Pattnaik also interesting.

2. Binge watching series - The usuals include friends, how I met your mother, suits, game of thrones, etc

3. Travelling and photography: they usually go hand-in-hand for me. I like to travel to mountains, forests or seas. Key photography subjects are sunset or sunrise, birds, children, pets and macros.

4. Dogs: Playing with friends / relatives dogs.

5. Making plans to buy new gadgets: yes this occasionally consumes the most of my time. My last camera gear took over an year after watching numerous YouTube videos online articles and chats with friends.


People say that they work to travel or enjoy life or eat good food or earn money. As of now, I do enjoy my job immensely and I work because I like working.

I am currently working for a consultancy organization based out of Delhi, India.

With a strong focus on providing strategic consultancy services to Government bodies across India, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Middle East, I have been working on key areas like IT strategy & transformation, Enterprise Architecture, Data Center and e-Government projects.

  • Work
    • EY
  • Education
    • Symbiosis, Pune
    • St. Xavier's College, Kolkata