Abhisar Garg

Hey!! m abhisar garg...
I m a simple guy from a small city Farrukhabad(UP).
Presently doing Computer Science Engg. from IMSEC, GHAZIABAD,(IIIrd Year(5th Semester)).

I have spent two years coaching in Kota(11th & 12th).

I follow only one funda in life - "take no tension", so u might see me smiling always.

I feel like I am sitting in a room full of people that I love, and you know what, they just don't care that I love them. They don't care I live or die. To them I'm just another guy, just another stranger. To me, they are my best friends, the only people I have left..

Simple yet too complex.. dats me....!! m a guy wid lots n lots of dreams… my dreams r my only frnd.. dey knw wt i want frm lyf .. I live in my own world. .. I love to spend my tym alone... dats d only tym i feel m happy n satisfied wid my lyf... I luv talking to myself.. in my free tym I sit alone n think abt myself..my lyf.. I like to observe diff kinda ppl..

I talk a lot.. m a chatterbox… always ready wid my stupid answers n ideas..

I am frndly.. emotional.. crack.. stupid..

M a moody person..smtyms its vry difficult to undrstn me.. m not short tempered… I love eatin.. m really vry possessive abt my things.. specially my frnds… I cnt share dem wid nebody.. ….I love my Dad.. he is a sweethrt..
hmmm I dun hide nethin frm my frnds.. hate lies… I hate ppl wid too much attitude...but like the girls having attitude….

I m a guy wid all kinda expressions on my face waise mostly hasta rehta hun…….

I do blv in GOD… and spclly Love ...

Hmm achha ab cya Take Care.. mmwwaaahh..!!!