Abhishek Bankapur

"BNB Bitumen Pvt. Ltd." is a company established by Mr. B. N. Bankapur, former Director (Refineries) of Indian Oil Corporation, a Global Fortune 500 company to meet the growing needs of quality Bitumen for infrastructure sector particularly roads and airports and various niche industrial grades. The Company aims to supply the best of quality products processed through the state of the art processing facilities with stringent quality assurance systems and checks to ensure production of consistently good quality products to achieve the ultimate objective of good performance of roads for longer duration adding value to stake holders.

The products include Bitumen Emulsions, Crumbed Rubber Modified Bitumen, and Polymer Modified Bitumen for road construction and other niche products for industrial applications like printing inks, sealing compound, water proofing, paints etc. are also produced in the factory is located at Nandesari, Vadodara, Gujarat having has state of the art facilities, adequate storage and excellent Quality Control Laboratory.