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Abhishek Gundecha

Ahmedabad, India

Biologically : Human Being Age : Teenager[Kiddin...hehe;->] Apparently : Sincere Probably : Confused Reasonably : Smart Sufficiently : Educated Currently : Single Reluctantly : Studying Financially : Affluent :) Actively : Active Em a happy,, confused soul,, brand ambassador 4 mistakes,, sumtymz act dumb bcoz ov situations,, love my family & frendz........... well, vry small place 2 describe abtmyslf nw...!!!!!!!! Yeah em jovial, fullon crazy n funny,, my frendz say so,, say many more things 2oo :D:D

  • Education
    • PBD Joshi High School
    • S. M. Patel Institute of Commerce (SMPIC)
    • smpic