Abhishek Jayant

Abhishek Jayant

HI Friends ! ! ! !
This is "JAYANT"
But my friends call me "Abhi"

I am an optimistic person, i believe in my dreams and think dat those dreams will come true some day.

I m like an open book, anyone can read dis book easily but the language n criteria to read this book is tough to understand.

I m a sentimental person who touches straight towards heart....... i luv making frends and have full trust on friendship.

But in many ways i m unknown for myself. sometimes i get confuse dat wat's running in my own mind.
I know dat things r going wrong around me and i want to change them. but still i feel very helpless & hopeless, Sometime I have full faith on my abilities but many timez it seems dat i m missing something or there is a lack of something in me . i m like a newly bird who has wings to fly but still dunno how to use them . And this is for sure dat when i'll fly the weather and conditions will go wid me

I m a fun loving and mast guy.
I never take much tension. Sometimes i m little careless also.
I like change in my life.