Abhishek Kannimel

Bangalore, India

●๋•gєттιηg ¢яαzソ ση мє, вυт ιт’ѕ тнє ℓιƒє тнαт ι ¢нσσѕє, ѕιηg αвσυт тнє ѕιχ вℓα∂є, ѕιηg αвσυт тнє switchback , αη∂ α torture tattoo....●๋•.ℓσνє υ●๋• about me: •▬●๋•its all time favourite●๋•▬• •▬●๋• mý fáthểŕ wáک á máń wíth á pláń & "í wáک thể pláń"●๋•▬• to say about me: " My life is a novel and my dad's is an epic " :) Getting crazy, but it’s the life that I had chosen, sing about the sixblade, sing about the switchback, and a torture tattoo.... Iam a man with lot of happiness,emotions and dreams &imaginations. And most creations.. I luv creativity.... :) When I was down and out, when I was on the street, when darkness falls so hard on me, God's miraculous hand comforted me... yes, a man with Gods name..he is my mentor, he is the way in my life and future, he leads me........ To say about my father... How can't you see I belong to him, how my poor heartaches with every breath take for him. He is my all..I luv my dad...more than forever.. @@ My life is full of courtesy.. -I'm hurt all the time. I don't want to cry for the way I feel inside. I just want someone to hold me..If no one cares, I don't see a point to go on. No one cares and yet I'm always the sorry one. I'm scared. Please hold me until it all ends. In my work: If Better is Possible, then Good is NOT Enough..so i always believe, hmmmm.. i started believing.. “In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.” -Abhishek Madhu

  • Work
  • Education
    • BSS Gurukulam Higher Secondary School
    • SRV High School
    • Mahatma Gandhi University
    • Baselios Poulose II Catholicos College