Banker and Photographer in Gwaldam, India

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That preety much sums me up - Adaptive nature boy

with a heart full of Love. I've been the second

one since day , have grown (and still growing)

into the first one and recently gave myself

permission to be the third one. Exciting times! I completed my gratuation with computer science from Dayanand College,hisar. Currently I am student of MCA in YMCA Univ. Fridabad.

I am a Addicated Web Surfer, Flirty by choice, Positive by nature,

a Good Hearted Person and love to accept new Challenges in work.

I always tries to be everyone's friend.

Someone told me I am a True Life Lover, Polite, Naughty

Emotional in nature n much Flirty. I maintain my relations perfectly with

everyone. I am ego free and a well Dreamer. I accept the changing nature of life.

I Enjoy copious amounts of tea with biscuits. I run slow and talk fast ;-] I am Passionate about new technologies.

I wish to complete my dreams with time.

Thanks for taking the time to read this bio.

"A Dream Without A Plan Is Just A Wish!"

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  • Education
    • b.sc.(computer Science)
    • MCA