Abhishek jawa

I born in 04th july 1989 in Nagaur Rajasthan India. After completing my M.A I decieded to make my carrer in saving precious human life. My interest was in Computer so I choose my work domain. I started my carrer with indiabulls foundation in Nagaur Web page project. (my current comany) I found that safety management is in novice state in INDIAN culture and need to organized. Today Safety awareness is increasing day by day because of contineous effort by agencies like NGO, Educational institute, Govt. policies and Media etc. This empower my target to save precious human Life by social call of safety. As a DGM safety in Delhi-Gurgaon Superconnectivity I am playing role for the safety of my company employees as well as commuters.

As far as my educational background concern I am having M.A,B.A. and Basic Knowlage of computert or internet .

My hobbie is social networking.