Abhishek Singhvi

The Congress saidlately that it would offer a constructive support in the Budget Hearing of theHouse. Abhishek Manu Singhvirepeated the commitment of his party to participate actively in the session.However, the Congress spokesperson warned that the Centre should not considerthe support of Congress for granted.

AbhishekSinghvi said further that the party will oppose anyprovision that is not for the improvement of the farmers in the ordinance onthe land acquisition. The Budget Hearing started earlier the joint address ofPresident Mukherjee to both chambers of the Parliament.

The Budget Hearingcontains 44 articles of non-legislative, legislative, and financial business.The first part of the session was planned to end on March 20. Then, the Housewill go on a long break of one month. The second part of the Budget Hearingwill start from April 20 to May 8.

On February 26, theHouse received the Rail Budget and the following day, the Economic Survey willbe presented while the General Budget was introduced on February 28. NarendraModi, the Prime Minister, addressed the opposition and assured them that hisgovernment would attempt and make sure that the budget hearing of parliamentdiscusses all important matters.

Just before thebeginning of the hearing, the Prime Minister Modi revealed that he met with theleaders of supporters the day before and listened to their opinions. He assuredthat they would try to make sure that each important concern is debated in thebudget hearing. He added that eachgovernment considers the budget hearing as a vital opportunity not only for theadministration but also for the country since the budget reflects theaspirations and the expectations of the ordinary man.

The budget hearing isimportant for the government because six ordinances have to be discussed forreplacing them by relevant rulings. Before the budget hearing, M. VenkaiahNaidu, minister of parliamentary affairs,organized a meeting with the entireparty and the Prime Minister attended also the meeting. Modi called for smoothrunning of the parliament.

Naidu met also withSonia Gandhi, the Congress president and asked for her collaboration in makingsure that the house functions smoothly. When addressing t