Abhishek Bhatt

Software Engineer and Big Data Enthusiast in Jaipur, India

I am a developer, entrepreneur-at-heart and life-long learner who wants to direct his skills and analytical capabilities to build products and services with high impact. As a fresh undergraduate, I am looking forward to opportunities that would provide a great kick-start to my career.

I was first introduced to personal computers in Standard III. And it has been an enriching journey of exploring multiple applications of computing over the years. I chose Electronics and Communication Engineering as my major in undergrad college. There the exposure to object oriented programming, data structures, algorithms and development practices, presented to me a whole new paradigm of analysis, development and optimization to solve challenging, real world problems.

My early projects at college were in the domains of Wearable Computing and Internet of Things, exploiting the advancement in Embedded Systems, near-range wireless communication and health data analytics. Using smart body wearables and their connectivity with smartphones, it would open doors to providing the best personalized fitness services and recommendations to users based on trends in their health data. I designed, optimized and tested algorithms to capture useful human fitness indicators from body-wearable sensors. I was involved from conceptualization to development and prototyping of the product as a founding member of the startup. Unfortunately, the product could not take off beyond beta stage.

Next I was involved in a project with one of India’s leading video and digital media solutions firm, on the problem of detecting pull-down cadence patterns in interlaced videos. This exposed me to image/video processing algorithms and approaches for the very first time. The newly developed feature is now part of the latest release version of the company’s flagship video quality-checks product, used by major broadcasters and media houses around the world.

Attending Microsoft Research India’s annual research symposium, techvista 2014, introduced me to increasing focus on data science including the collection, storage, processing and mining of massive and diverse data-sets.

I am currently exploring big data platforms anddata applications as a beginner, and would like to enhance mycapabilities in this domain and/or relevant software practices and tools.