Abhishek Bhopali

Common Name- Abhishek Bhopali Technical name- Almost Engineer Symbol- ABV Manufactured- july 1991, in Bihar Constituent Elements- Lungs, kidney, a big heart, limbs, toungue, a negliggible brain............. and lots more. Occurrence- Facebook, Twitter, Blogspot, Wordpress. ApPearnce- Off brown, crystalline solid at room temperature, temperature changes according to chemical reaction in that negligible mind, melt when exposed to love and affection, Sattirical and humorous at room temperature, normally supercool. Found in virgin state (as per latest info availabe). Manufactured in Bihar, machined in Bhopal, programmed in Delhi (still in process) Properties:- Initially formal, but once it open, it'll not may boggle ur mind, some time you laugh some time you pissed off, but it remains as cool as he now. Direction for use:- To be used online mostly, offline version is still under process. Beware of: frequent exposure, it can make you crazy, addictive depending on ur persistence and type of personality.