Abhishek Dasgupta

Movie buff. Exploring and going places. Meeting and making friends. Literature lover. Sports lover. Music lover. Animal lover. Well, I guess that should sum things up. With 22 years passing by, I have experienced many new things that made me the person I am today. Eventually, time teaches us everything, it's just a matter of how much you want to 'Take It'. And now with me leaving college and stepping into a world of uncertainities, professionilism, I think I have learnt quite a few things. You never live for your self, you live for others. Value people who value you, treasure what you have, never ever lose your child-like enthusiasm, be ambitious, fly the world, live life king-size, enjoy with your near and dear ones because you never know what will happen next. Yeah, almost forgot, always stop to question and never cease to observe. Try it. It makes life so much easier,simpler and beautiful. It is with words like it is with sunbeans-the more condensed they are, the deeper they burn. So, it's words that make thoughts !