Abhishek Jayswal

Six years of experience as a process engineer in chemical and refining industry. His background includes engineering of grassroots refinery process units, revamp projects, natural gas to liquid fuels, biodiesel, carbon black plants and effluent treatment plants. He has experience with performing process calculations and evaluations, simulation, optimization, developing heat and material balances, Process Flow Diagrams (PFDs), Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs), hydraulic calculations, equipment design, instrument sizing and specification, pressure relief valve and safety evaluations. He is proficient in process software packages such as Pro/II, HYSYS, Aspen-plus, ChemCad, Petrosim, HTRI, Pressure Profile Suite (PPS), InPlant, Pipenet and PHAWorks.

Representative assignments include:

Process Engineer for Motiva Flare Recovery Project (Norco, LA) – This project is to collect, compress and treat flare vapors from Coker and HCU. Primary responsibilities included simulation of compressor system, preparation of PFDs, P&IDs, designing of air coolers, shell and tube heat exchangers and hairpin exchangers, knockout drum sizing, hydraulic calculations for pumps, compressor and control valves sizing, line lists, relief valve sizing and preparation of equipment and instrument specifications. Process Engineer for Motiva Mixed Xylenes Project (Norco, LA) – This project is to produce Mixed Xylenes from Depentanizer bottoms using existing equipments. Primary responsibilities included preparation of P&IDs, preparation of line lists, rating of air coolers and shell & tube heat exchangers and hydraulic calculations for pumps and control valves sizing.Lead Process Engineer for Reliance Jamnagar Export Refinery Project (JERP) Merox Plant FEL-4 (Jamnagar, India) – The project was for engineering of saturated and unsaturated LPG Merox and Merichem units. Primary responsibilities included coordination and preparing majority of process change requests during detail design, review of vendor data sheets, participation in HAZOP studies, pressure profile preparation, hydraulic calculations, rating of exchangers, relief valve sizing and revision of line lists, P&IDs, PFDs, stream summaries, resolution of HAZOP comments and resolution of pre-startup review comments.Process Engineer for Reliance DTA Modification (LNUU) Project, (Jamnagar, India) – Primarily responsible for sizing of bypass line system for Light Naphtha Unionfining Unit whi