Abhishek Kapoor

My true name is Luke Skywalker but you can call me Abhishek. I am 100% geek and my profession as a Software Engineer proves it.

Born in a humble home of God worshiping normal good people, there is nothing normal about me. My incorrigible brain refuses to stay vacant and I can't sit idle. Learning languages, other dance forms, any new thing, and being a pain in the neck for most friends are my favorite things to do. A lot of people have blocked me on facebook, as of my wise sense of humor - which can be dark and satirical at times.

All in all I am a fun person, 80% Atheist - 20% Agnostic. I believe in Love, sacrifice, honor. Destiny is what you make of it, and hard work always pays - maybe not in the form you expected.

Lastly, I can't live without music. It's the language of the world and everyone can communicate in it.

Love and Respect for all the people out there.