Abhishek Katyare

Truth Seeker and Engineer in Nashik, India

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I’m an Engineer from Nashik, India who loves to develop digital systems and write software to make the world more digital. I am a coder by profession and entrepreneur by heart. I have a passion for creating and enhancing anything related to technology. When it comes to building something new, my ultimate goal is to make the world a better place. I’m a digital professional on the bleeding edge technology. Strong engineering professional with a Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) focused on Computer Science and Engineering from Savitribai Phule Pune University.

I’m self-motivated, highly adaptable, intellectual, technology enthusiast, problem solver, persistent. Self-taught many programming languages and new technologies. I’m enthusiastic to learn new technologies and I like the trial and error method to solve any problem. I like to experiment and research on the Internet of Things(IoT), AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, BigData, Distributed Computing & Parallel Programming.

I’m a “jugaadu” kind of person. So if you gave me a challenge and time duration to find out the solution to it. And if I don’t know anything about it, then I just want one machine and full access to the internet. I’ll do research, learn, and develop the solution for that challenge within the given time frame.

I’m also interested in entrepreneurship, critical reading, listening to music, traveling, trekking, hiking, street, and landscape photography.