Abhishek Malik

Jabalpur, M.P, India

I am a student. Formally I am studying commerce but, I have interests in spiritualism and exploring natural sites which is away from human interference. With a small group of friends I keep exploring the places I come to know and my hobby is reading books on spiritualism. I am a Hindu and there is a lot to know for meditators who want to find the paths to truth. I believe that one must prepare his heart and mind before entering the path. It is very necessary for one to realize the tastelessness of the worldly things and relations, etc. then only he can actually start any 'saadhna'. I am in the stage of preparing myself for the journey. Best way to prepare yourself is to keep a very limited relation with the worldly things as much as necessary for the needs and read and hear holy scriptures and biographies of great saints and reminding them in your mind.

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