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Abhishek Neel

Abhishek Neel

well....... "i know wat i am" .When people ask me how I am, my usual response is "Positively Passionate." Most people, let the unexpected words sink in. And then, they smile and their eyes sparkle. A few people get that deer in the headlight look on their face because a response other than "Fine", or "I'm here" is so foreign to them. They walk away assuming I'm a cult leader or something.

Others get stern and ask "Passionate about what?"
Fair question. My response, "About life, and this opportunity to connect with you. I'm just glad to be alive and for having the ability to enjoy the world around us."
After reading this......, I hope you'll challenge yourself to live with passion and take a few chances so that can celebrate your life and your calling............. BE POSITIVELY PASSIONATE... BECAUSE IT CREATES A LIFE WORTH LIVING!!!!!!" ............There are many things to live for, but they remain in your future. And your future is what you make of from the present. Each day is a new beginning, be thankful for every chance that you get. Remember, we don't own our lives!!!!.......... LIVE YOUR BEST FOR TODAY.........NO ONE KNOWS WHAT TOMORROW IS........!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
Well sum sayz i am lil bit self-centered and sum sayz am arrogant wth attitude…

i am actually fun loving ... always on my own thoughts and drmzz....

Iam...coool, friendly, bindass, simple, unique, frank

I don’t wish to complicate I believe in simple living..

Slightly short u evr try to mess wit me....hahaha

i lyk to live in my own own style!!!

I Love fighting.......n winning too.....

i am Mr.SRK/ ABHI