Abhysheq Shukla

Life Coach, Public Speaker, and Psychologist in New Delhi, India

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Abhysheq Shukla is an international speaker, Author, Awakener, Political Consultant, Psychologist, Educationist, Business Advisor & Mentor who has been an inspiring support for schools, colleges, individuals, and corporations.

He guides, coaches and facilitates the personal and spiritual development of people in communities and companies

As a consultant, he brings together the three key strands of the 21st century; spiritual/emotional intelligence; management/leadership development and continuous 'unlearning'.

He is also passionate about business development and creative branding, and is wholeheartedly committed to a creative approach to all levels of personal and professional development. His progressive ideas combined with devotion and commitment can be defined as correct gratification. He is now helping people to bring a value based approach to business, living and learning. With his keen sense of humor and flair for motivating listeners, countless people continue to benefit from Abhysheq’s work.

He has worked in education, training, and the human resource industry and is an expert in branding, coaching, counseling, education-related project management, conceptualizing the product and marketing strategies for education, as well as training.

Abhysheq’s training philosophy is based on using practical learning techniques or “wisdom of implementing.” His charismatic and experiential based dynamic training style has earned him a global following of students, managers, and mentees.

He is an experienced campaigner when it comes to consulting in political matters. He is a Member of American Association of Political Consultants and International Association of Political Consultants.

As a political consultant, he focuses on the campaigns just like a personal brand head, political strategist and consultant in political affairs.

He also has vast experience in the creation of coaching cultures within organizations, enabling leaders and individuals to bring out the best in themselves and all of their people.

He helps people and organizations build and nurture winning brands. He has designed and delivered some powerful workshops that break the misconceived myths around attitude, mindset relationships and wealth.

He periodically facilitates need-based workshops and training programs for MNCs, private companies, NGOs, and Educational Institutions.

He also sets aside time to provide individual suppo

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    • B.CRETA Foundation
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    • NIMS University