Abi Aboy

Abi Aboy

So many people walk around with a meaningless life. They seem half-asleep, even when they're busy doing things they think are important. This is because they're chasing the wrong things. DEVOTE YOURSELF TO CREATING SOMETHING THAT GIVES YOU PURPOSE :)

I have a new view about life. I always thought that life was hard and unfair but it wasn't. :) I was optimistic but now i am MORE optimistic. Life is easy, wonderful, exciting, meaningful and colorful! :) I was more of an emotional person, dwelling on every emotion i am feeling. Now, i am using my powerful mind in line with what i am feeling. Don't get me wrong, i still got my values intact. :)

I want to share this positivity with the people around me, people i am meeting and people i am going to meet. I would love to live a life full of happy and loving people.

I always dream BIG, the difference is before i don't believe i can. Now I BELIEVE THAT I AM WHO I AM IN MY DREAMS, AND THAT MY DREAMS ARE REALITY IN THE FUTURE. :) I am climbing up one step at a time so i can still see the beauty of life and not just focusing on what is on top. It's the journey that matters anyway.

When it comes to love? I give it my all.. I was inlove but then it was not worth fighting for anymore.. I was hurt, lied, used by someone who i love the most. But life must goes on.. There's no permanent but change.. And things happens for a reason.. And the reason why im still single it because i want to enjoy myself first. But that's not the reason why i am still single, i am not looking for a PERFECT man for there is none, i am not choosy as well. For me, to be in a relationship, you have to be IN LOVE with the person and not just physically attracted nor you just like the person. It has to be love.

People say that i am MEAN,and my friends saw my KATARAYAN. People who knows me would agree with it. haha Those are all true. :) So if you're sensitive don't come near me. LOL. jk! But i also know how to apologize and hug you if i think i hurt you. I am very expressive as well, I ALWAYS SAY I LOVE YOU AND I MISS YOU whenever i felt like saying it, and i always MEAN IT.♥♥♥