Angalia Bianca

Public Speaker, Writer, and Project Manager in Chicago, Illinois

Growing up a privileged Sicilian girl from Oak Park, IL. she battled a 36-year heroin addiction, 12 years in the Illinois Department of Corrections, gang affiliated, ultimately disowned by her family and became homeless on the streets of Chicago's west side for over 20 years. She turned her life around after her last release from prison and has reunited with her 5 children & family. She has been sober since May 8, 2010. She has become a successful, self-sufficient, law abiding, productive, taxpaying citizen who works for the anti-violence group CeaseFire/Cure Violence at the School of Public Health-University of Illinois at Chicago. She has dedicated her life to improving the quality of life for inner city at-risk youth/young adults.

Chicago Tribune story on her life, recovery and how she gives back to the communities as an Anti-Violence Activist. Published in March 2012