A weird kid living a life filled with smiles and blessings. There will be storms overcoming in my life, but I know and I believe that it couldn't rain forever. All we need is enough faith, hope, and trust in ourselves and in God, of course.

As I celebrate the goodness and beauty of the life I live now, I discovered myself as a lover of chocolate chip cookies, chocolate chip frappucino, chocolates, strawberries. I enjoy hanging out with my best of friends, listening to music, having so much fun, dressing up fabulous clothes, fangirling, decorating my room with so much girly-ness, travelling, sight-seeing, and exploring the wonders of this very beautiful world we step on.

Challenges make me a stronger and braver girl. If for every tear, I blame God, I thank him a billion times for every smile. He's always there for me through the ups and downs, the sorrows and laughter.

My family is the home I run to everytime. From the beginning, they were there. Until the end, they will be there. We may struggle through trials but I know that with faith and trust, the bond of our relationship will forever prevail.

My blessed life would not be as amazing as it is right now without the people whom I spend every minute with. These people accompany me always. They never leave my side, and never will they. My friends. Crazy groups of people ready to donate something just for a smile to spread on my face.

I'm the quiet type of girl unless you introduce yourself to me and become friends with this type of personality. I am able to bring out the best in me in front of the people whom I feel comfortable with, namely, my superfriends. My silence will be broken once we become close enough.

A good, approachable, and trustworthy friend, the real Abie will be by your side and will make sure not to break her promise as a companion, a friend.

Make me smile and I'll make you happy. Make me laugh and I'll take you to paradise. Cry and I'll catch your tears. Fall and I'll catch you. Fly and I'll be with you.

"If other people say they don't like you, ask yourself first why you care."

Be normal. Be weird. Be adventurous. Be noisy. But especially, be YOU.