Abigail Tennyson

I am Abigail Tennyson, or Abby. I am 18 years old and was born and raised in Durham, North Carolina. I am now ending my freshman year at the University of Georgia. It was not a tough decision for me to come here but it certainly was a different choice then the rest of my family. I have two brothers and two amazing parents, but they all went to ACC schools. 2 Duke grads, 1 UNC grad and a Wake Forest grad certainly made my SEC choice stick out like a sore thumb. I could not resist the charm of Athens each time I visited. I convinced my family to come and after time they fell in love.

However, they fell in love for very different reasons. My dad and brothers became addicted to the football. They claimed Georgia football as their new addiction, but always kept Duke Basketball on the forefront of their sports crazed lives. The men in my family send me weekly texts during football season, but have seemed to lose some interest as time goes on. My mom however, is exactly like me. She has fallen in love with the town. She loves the school, but it is really Athens that has made her a dawg. The resturants and downtown shopping have brought her head over heels in love with where I live, bringing her down for as many visits as she can pack in.