Abigail Widynski

Abigail Widynski

Abigail Widynski is an intuitive pioneer and financier, Abigail is often found on the front lines of endeavors, lending her self-described ‘trenches to tower’ approach. Guided by her two core values of relationship building and connecting, Abigail engages key decision-makers through a process of discovering priorities, imagining possibilities and structuring outcomes. Tooled as a seasoned writer and public speaker, Abigail is a true ambassador and diplomat, building a track record of success spanning non-profit, family business and M&A.

Abigail Widynski set out and successfully expanded the firm’s relationships with national venture capital funds, private equity groups & healthcare-centric investment banks, adding 12 new relationships in 18 months. A natural connector internally as well as externally, Abigail, together with CEO Reagan Rodriguez, lead training for incoming Partners and coached on deal flow best practices. Driven to offer clients their ideal financing solutions to meet their needs, Abigail continues to source deals ranging from solo-practices to multi-group facilities, labs to medical technology firms across the United States.

Abigail Widynski is a truly globally minded individual, Abigail leverages her cross-cultural relationships from living and working aboard to fundraise and support various international development initiatives. Abigail’s consulting experience includes reporting in trust fund management at the World Bank, assessing micro-ventures for funding with HERA International in Georgia and Armenia, and business development support to various start-ups.

Abigail Widynski is goal-oriented by nature, Abigail believes investment is a function of both finance and personal time commitment. Abigail is passionate about international development and children, serving as a board member for two international children’s organizations: Hope4Kids and Grain of Wheat International. Abigail also has more than a decade of advocacy experience in anti-human trafficking.

Abigail Widynski
Venture Capital & Private Equity
Naples, Florida 34101

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