Abigail Rios


Hello my name is Abigail. I am 18 y/o. I am a Jehovah Witness. I am a publisher. I was born in the truth but we stopped going when I was 5 y/o. I started going to the meetings again back on March 2011. I love to dance, draw, paint, and skating. I love to cook and make new recipes. I love children. I would like to have ten kids, but in the new system. For now I would love meet a brother whom we have a lot in common with. And hopefully if he is my soulmate we can get married and serve Jehovah together. Maybe have one or two kids and the rest in paradise. (: I am looking for a brother who loves Jehovah more than anything. Someone who is nice, spiritual, serious but funny and goofy at times. , loves to dance. He should love the outdoors and traveling. He should enjoy going to service and read the bible daily. He should go well prepared to the meetings and liked by the brothers and sisters. I want him to like to do hobbies together. Someone who is not ashamed to kiss me infront of others or hold my hand. I want someone who would love to cook with me for our children. I just want a nice brother who loves me for me and not for the looks. (:

  • Work
    • Jehovah Witness Publisher
  • Education
    • Homeschooled with Penn Foster