Abigail Bischoff

Cashier, Student, and Communication Disorders Major in Bowling Green, Ohio

Hello, I’m Abigail Bischoff, but prefer going by Abby. I’m a freshman at Bowling Green State University and live in Blissfield, Michigan. I am currently in the Deciding Student Program at BGSU, but plan to declare my major in Communication Disorders this spring. I would like to be a Speech-Language Pathologist in the future because doing so will allow me to work with children which is something I really want to do. I would have the opportunity to impact children's lives forever which would be morally fulfilling. I am currently a seasonal cashier at Meijer. This job has allowed me to expand my communication skills since I work with people all day. Some of my favorite things include shopping, animals, and good food. My favorite food is Chicken Alfredo. I also love my family, the outdoors, and math. My love for math explains why I am such an analytical and organized person and why Investigative was number one on my Holland Codes. My desire to help people and develop personal relationships explains why Social is another pattern that consistently appears in my skills and values. These skills allow me to believe that pursuing a career in Speech-Language Pathology would be very fitting for me. You can hire me with a click on the button above.

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