Abigail D. Strong

I am a professional certified massage therapist specializing in aromatherapy. I practice therapeutic massage, including Thai, Swedish, Lomi Lomi, deep circulatory, hot stone and Esalen style techniques. I incorporate the highest quality essential oils into my bodywork to assist in the deepest level of relief and healing. I completed my training at the Institute for Psycho-Structural Balancing in Los Angeles, CA about 10 years ago and have been practicing massage ever since. I truly love providing such a needed and nurturing experience for people, on all levels.

As you may know, massage has innumerable emotional and physical benefits, including the relief of stress, pain, tension, and fatigue, the release of serotonin and endorphins, and the promotion of healthy blood circulation and of course, deep relaxation and rest. Massage also boosts the immune system, lowers heart rate and blood pressure as well as detoxifies the tissue and bolsters lymph and digestive flow. It can also help alleviate symptoms of headaches, nausea, constipation, fibromyalgia, depression and insomnia. On a spiritual level, massage can facilitate deep breathing and meditation, giving the receiver the chance to transcend their environment and embrace the deep knowledge that their body and mind are connected and are always communicating to them. Massage re-balances the body's energy field and can provide us the opportunity to tap into our own wellspring of healing, awareness and renewal. In many countries massage is considered preventative healthcare and is included in people's regular health and well-being regimens. I would love the opportunity to facilitate a deeply healing and relaxing massage treatment for you or your friends and loved ones. I also work on children (clothed) and the elderly.

Aromatherapy is the practice of using plant oils, including essential oils, to enhance psychological and physical well-being. Essential oils, the pure essence of a plant, have been found to provide both psychological and physical benefits when used correctly and safely. The health benefits of using essential oils used in aromatherapy are extensive, as they contain numerous beneficial therapeutic properties that promote the healing of both mind and the body. Please contact me to arrange a deep and delicious healing experience for your body, mind and soul. I can provide references and have a lovely home studio or I can travel to your home for your convenience.