Abigail Norris

Abigail Norris

My Grandparents called me Abdabs when I was little and I thought what a great name for my business! Ab Dabs Originals, get it? Well, that’s me and, if I must, this is the who, what, where, when and why.

Who am I you ask? Well, let’s pretend you asked. I’m a wife, working mom, artist, interior decorator and design enthusiast. I love to paint or dab as I call it. That’s What I do.

Creating artwork to go into someone’s home is an honor. Inspiration can come from anywhere. I always consider where the art will go and believe one piece of well placed art can change the feeling of a room. Traveling the world also plays a big part in what I create and may explain my eclectic taste

I’m outside of Greenville, FL. Where I live with my family and extended family of pets. When, the when is now! I’ve always been an artist but never took it seriously. After I turned 40 I thought I better start doing what I love or I may never get a chance.

And finally, I love what I’m doing and that’s Why I do it. My hope is that you find joy in my artwork and please feel free to contact me. Thanks for your interest!

“Art is a human activity having as its aim to convey to people the highest and best feelings up to which mankind has lived.”-Tolstoy