Abigail Roberts

Abigail Roberts is a small town native of Haliburton County whom is usually confused on any type of public transit or any type of city that has more than one cross walk.

Growing up in a small town with limited abilities to do just about anything gave her the time to explore different types of photography by working with her high school yearbook, she was the yearbook editor and advertising manager her senior years. Working with her high school yearbook is when she finally decided that she wanted her future to be in photography.

While in high school she got the chance to work on a movie called Camp Rock 2, that stared stars such as the Jonas Brothers and now superstar Demi Lovato and that was the end of her successful Disney career.

In the past has worked with Habitat for Humanity Kingston for the closing of the Kingston Penitentiary, giving tours of the prison and speaking about its history. Has also worked with Haliburton’s local radio station Canoe FM 100.9 by creating and helping with the implantation of an advertising and social media plan for their 2014/2015-year.

While attending post-secondary school in Kingston she had the opportunity to work with different charity organizations such as Kingston Animal Rescue and Partners in Mission. After working with Kingston Animal Rescue she received two Greg Awards for Best Overall Video and Best Technical Video.

Currently enrolled as a first year student at Durham College in the Digital Photography program, also has an Advertising and Marketing Communications diploma from St. Lawrence College in Kingston campus.