A state employee by day and photographer and dreamer by night. I was born and raised in the mid-west and although when I was younger I thought I'd have gotten far far away from here by now it turns out I kind of like it here. This is home, where family and friends are and all my childhood and most of my adult memories.

I have loved taking pictures as far back as I can remember but didn't really get into photography until I was into my 20's. I bought my first digital camera, just a handheld but the beautiful pictures it captured intrigued me. Before I knew it I graduated to my first DSLR and never looked back.

My real passion when it comes to photography is nature and animals as you'll see from my blog, it's pretty much all I photograph. I've of course got many of family and friends as well, but here I wanted to share my passion....so mostly you'll just see places, nature and of course the cutest animals ever.

I'm no pro, it's just a hobby and passion but I love every minute of it, from looking through the viewfinder and setting up the shot to the lightroom or in my case photoshop and editing. Every inch of the way from start to finish is enjoyable and satisfying and seeing that final picture is my reward.

Sure I've taken more pictures I'm not proud of then ones I am....but it's the journey that inspires me and exhilarates me and keeps me going.....all of those bad shots are worth the one that comes out amazing.