Abigail Taylor

I am 12, and I reckon I am one if the strongest girls going through school, had a depressive break up in October, worst thing ever, killed me. My feelings are messed up so Boys get annoyed with me, but my life Is no where near as hard as some people, having to live with cancer, bullies, getting abused, knowing things the shouldn't have to live with ect, lost my great aunt rose to cervical cancer on the 3rd of December 2011. I never realised how much she ment until she was gone. My auntie Nicola is now fighting breast cancer, but you wouldn't know she is Ill, she always has a brave face on and carrys on for her 5 children, Partner and our big family. All the best of luck to her, hopefully people will read this and realise how lucky they are. I haven't had a perfect childhood but i make the most of it. Perfect doesn't really exist in the real world. I love all my friends. Especially my best friends courtney ward and layla walker, always there to cheer me up:) shanice pinion and ellie carmichael are like sisters to me. Love my family especially my Nana Lucy for being there for me. A shoulder to cry on. Don't know what id do without you. You all mean the world. My back ground Image Is me Beginning Of last year at my dads house ready for a Walk in the country side with my cousin gemma haines, burton pidsea is wonderful Hehe:) Thanks for reading this <3