Abilash Ravikumar

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Who I am:
I am an analytically motivated individual, who is always eager to learn something new. Integrity and logic play a bigger part in my decision making process than instinct and emotion. I do not believe in fate and destiny. Through pragmatic positivity and hard work, I hope to achieve my goal of living a consequential, fun filled life.

What I do :
I studied software engineering in India, and have spent the past 5 years developing and managing software for leading global logistics and banking firms. My areas of expertise include Java & security components.

What I like :
I have several passions in my life that I am equally predisposed to.
1. Music - Beatles anyone ? I also play guitar for a local band
2. Soccer - I've been playing at the amateur and collegiate level for over 10 years
3. Biryani - The ultimate comfort food (ask me for my tips)

Quirks :
1. Some of my closest friends, are pen pals that I've met through internet forums and discussion groups. Although we keep in touch, I've never actually met any of them .
2. I am the only person I know, who has read "A brief history of time" from cover to cover - a feat that took 2 failed attempts and over a decade.
3. One of my goals is to have a restored, silver 1968 Jaguar e-type convertible. I don't intend to drive it though. I want to make it the centerpiece of my living room.

  • Work
    • Cognizant Technology Solutions
  • Education
    • Software Engineer