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Abin Abraham

Well hey! I'm Abin. Abin Thyparambil Abraham. I'm from the Sankaramangalath family. Born and brought up in Munnar. The most beautiful place on Earth. I did my 14yrs of schooling there itself, at The High Range School. Well, you're gonna be reading forth my 'ABout Me'. Brace yourSelves.!! I'm a complete music freak or geek or whatever word that fits in.. Music means everything to me. I listen to everything, except film music. They are sad and pathetic to listen to. Anyone wanting to know about musical preferences, just ask me.

I play the guitar, pretty heavy stuff. for that's what im known for among my friends,,I'm not a professional player, typical self-taught person. I'm a photographer. I love all the pictures i take. Sports wise, i uSed to play basketball at school. It was life. Currently, wasting my wonderful life at St. Joseph College of Communication, in Changanassery. OMG the management sucks to the core. Here>> Everything typed in there is wrong. There, did my part.

I'm a foodie,, well who isn't?, and also make food. That's right, I love cooking. Again, not a professional., but makes anything, in my own way. I love dark chocolates. Anything made with chocolate. ANYTHING! I worship the cocoa god. If i were to create some sort of 'favorites' list, then, probably girls would fall under chocolates. Red Wine is another interest of mine. I love talking to people. I used to talk a lot to my cat. Im not too religious., But there is someone with whom i share all my thoughts- The God. I'm a pure christian \x/

The End.