Abin c Pascal


Well My friends used to call me 'Aby' and I love that... Well I like travelling very much, of course where nature seems more beautifull and shiny... Whenever I see something different in nature I never forget to take a snap...Ey am not a photographer but I like that very much, like a bathroom singer I do it perfectly in my own style. One more thing I love live in imaginary world u know thats great really, there is no any barrier, no any rules nothing is forbidden...

Consulting is my profession. I really enjoy the job because we have plenty of chances to take risk. Yes of course its s kind of game if we miss the control we will never get it back but it will help you to mine the most wanted in this present world like influencing power, manpower management sometimes the things that we hate in our life but everything is really going well....

  • Work
    • Business Consultant
  • Education
    • Master of Business Administration