Abiola Ewuola

Digital Communications Strategist, Social Media Manager, and Consultant in Lagos, Nigeria

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I believe communication is a powerful leverage of our evolution, we wouldn’t have gone so far if we could not exchange messages and knowledge. That said, here are my specialities in this field…

I hold a bachelor’s degree of Communication (Advertising) and during my career, I’ve worked with Marketing Strategies, Digital Marketing, Creative Advertising, Graphic Design, Web Design and Web Development.

I also worked for companies from different market niches, such as Digital Marketing Agency, Public Institutions, Educational Institutions, and many Private Businesses.

On my professional journey, I’ve specialised in digital marketing and web design because they are a complement to each other.

My goal is to optimise results and minimise investment, and I achieve that by calling the audience attention with visual appealing concepts, through digital marketing initiatives, and when needed, working on relevant content to nurture the prospect's interest.

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