Abi Roper

I prefer busses to toobs. I like to sing out loud. I eat too much sugar and salt. I like men who dress as women (weirdly) and geeks. Boys with glasses turn my head. I admire people who have the patience to nurture talent. On the occasions I'm selfish I'm astronomically so. I can't stand Carry-On films. I hate peas, don't like fat chips and am allergic to bananas. I can't spell and wont apologise for it. People's mothers like me and I don't know why. I'm attracted to confident people, but they make me nervous.

I eat animals.

I don't fare well on my own. I'm often far too trusting and believe strongly in the kindness of strangers.

I like cross-stitching, reading books, pretty dresses, red lipstick and dirty jokes. I still learn things from children's TV. If you can make me laugh, I will give you everything I can. I'm a bit of an anomaly.