Abisola Togunde

business owner and Technology Consultant in Michigan

Abisola Togunde

business owner and Technology Consultant in Michigan

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Hello fabulous reader! Thank you for visiting my website. I welcome you with open arms and a cup of hot tea.

As you can see, my name is Abisola. Feel free to call me Abi, whichever you prefer.

A little about me.....I am a technology nerd, a visionary, a goofball, a student, a mentor, a foodie, and a business owner. I'm from New York but grew up in Michigan.

I hold a Bachelors Degree in Information Security with a focus in Management. I am currently working on a Masters Degree in Information Systems with a focus in Cyber Security.

Also - I have this odd obsession with helping people understand technology.

I believe that's why I started a Strategic Technology Consulting Company called "Classy Technology."

At Classy Technology, we focus on helping businesses and educational institutions understand and manage the technology that they spend boatloads of money on. We call ourselves your "Partner in Tech." Trust me - you need one.

To find out more about how Classy Technology can help your business, please visit our website by clicking on the button above. Alternatively, you can send us an email at: info@classy-technology.com.

If you'd like to personally chat with me, feel free to contact me at any of the methods below, or you can reach me via email: abisola.togunde@gmail.com. I'm pretty friendly and I would love to network.

Have a wonderful day!

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