Alfie Bjornson

Brooklyn, New York

Alfie Bjornson

Brooklyn, New York

What does anyone wanna know about me ? Well if you do wanna know about me here are a few things:

I am *Extremely * shy

I have been told I am hysterical.

I am not a racist,but an equal oppertunity offender.

I choose children over most adults.

I hate my life,even though its getting better still dont like it

Love horror movies

Hate most newer comedies,I am an old school guy.

I am easy to get along with

I have a Galaxy Note 3 and I am obssesed

I hate everything Apple.

My dream woman is Amy Jo Johnson.

Metallica is my favorite band, I hate 99.9% of todays music. I feel its all garbage and talentless.

Guilty pleasures include: Watching honey boo boo, Listening to Debbie Gibson, Samantha Fox, and Abba

I am an ordained minister and marriage officiant,

I support gay rights,animals, and children.

I am super nice to a fault.

I try to accept the truth no matter how bad.

I am a trained wrestler and have a black belt in judo.

If there is anything else you would like to know please feel free to email me :

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