Austin Bland

I started scanning groceries when I was 14 at Kroger's. Four years and thousands of beeps later, I traveled to Columbus to see my first Ohio State Football game. I loved it so much, I stayed for four years. Ohio State rewarded me with a degree in business administration, and a real passion for working with big and concrete things around me. My first desk was in a 7,000 square foot empty warehouse. I sold that office, along with many others, and moved back to Cincinnati, where my adventure continues today.

Between the cracks, I have left tracks in over half of the United States, Germany, England, Lichtenstein, France, Austria, and Switzerland. I still "can't stop believing" that I shoveled snow for Journey's tour bus, joked with a voice of The Simpsons, or told Lebron James where to park, to put cash in my wallet during college. I've spent summers seeing the world through Al Bundy's eyes, while selling footwear at Dick's Sporting Goods. I am still waiting to be married with children.