Abner Zomberg

Burbank California

Hi! Abner Zomberg here. Yes, I am ReAnimated (don't use the word Zombie- to us it's a slur). I live in Burbank, California with my ReAnimated family- my wife Denise, and my kids Brandon, Alison, and Herschel. Right now I'm unemployed. I used to handle spent fuel rods at the San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant, but there was a radiation leak, and the plant has been shut down. It wasn't my fault... Okay, I did bump my head on a 12-inch steel pipe and break it (the pipe, not my head), causing a geyser of a leak. But there were other problem at the Plant, so I'm not entirely to blame. I'm filming some of my family's adventures, and I'll let you know when I post them online. Thanks for stopping by. And remember, don't use the Z-word. Abner