At first glance, i'm your average female teen. I worry about my hair, my skin, my clothes. Carry diffrent teenage problems and do random stuffs that make me feel crazy (i think that the word babe is sexy). Impulsive at times. i have a a heart of a child, a bit childish, yes! but mature.

I accept my imperfections- moody, a snob and a lot more. so i thank those who accept me too:) i have one masculine and one very feminine name. i prefer the masculine one, because i'm one of the boys. i love adventures- activities that i haven't experienced yet.

I'll be graduating soon, and be working. An HRM but currently enjoying the comforts of home. hoping to succed with my career cause i am a bit futuristic and had planned my tomorrow.

i am 60% introvert, 40%extrovert but highly depends on my mood:) i treasure few very close and very true friends. but willing to meet new ones. you can check out my other sites if interested :) tumblr is one of my new site, an oline diary for me. where i can express my random emotions- get mad, be happy, get frustated, be gloomy, be a little flirty, fall in love and go back in time.

I have different persona, just saying.(if you didn't noticed)