Fermin Abo

Hello! My name is Fermin Abo and I am 16 years old, Grade 11, and currently attending Matthew McNair Secondary School. I am also in the TiE's The Young Entrepreneur's Program(TyE). I indulge my self in many hobbies such as drawing, playing hockey, hanging out with my friends, playing games, and reading.

I'd love to travel the world as soon as I am able to. To explore new places, learn new cultures, and create many new experiences, memories, and bonds that would last a life time.

I love to read fiction novels. I can spend hours in a day becoming almost inseperable from the book I am reading. There is nothing like leaving the real world behind, for a few care free moments, and jumping into the world the author has created. The author creates a character and a world in which the reader can relate and attach too. Where the readers' and characters' relationship becomes more intimate than, just, Actor and Audience.

I connect these things to entrepreneurship, creating a product that the buyer can relate and attach to. I wish to use entrepreneul skills to do what many authors have done for me, create a bond between the user and product creating a better life experience.

"A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads only live one."
-George R.R. Martin