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Having the right legal representation is essential for giving you the best chance possible at getting the outcome you need in any legal situation. Ross & Asmar has been serving the people of New York with a wide range of expert legal services. We specialize in criminal defense, divorce, immigration, and other areas of law. Whatever situation you are in, let us help you by providing you with a top rated attorney to handle your case.

Our NYC Immigration, Criminal, Divorce, DWI and Family Lawyers serve corporations and individuals. The firm handles both deportation/removal matters and the filing of petitions for visas to live and work in the United States. Our New York Criminal Lawyers at Ross & Asmar handle a variety of criminal defense matters before state and federal courts. We also have experienced divorce lawyers and family attorneys in our law office in Brooklyn, who represents clients in complex litigated divorce proceedings, including in the negotiation and trial of equitable distribution disputes, child custody hearings. We also speak Spanish, Polish and Russian.

If you or a loved one needs legal representation, call us at (646) 564-5617 as soon as possible so we can get to work on your case. The sooner you call, the more options will be available to you, so don’t delay a minute longer.


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